LGBTQ+ Healthy Aging Equity Resource (6)

Welcome to the Missouri LGBTQ+ Healthy Aging Equity Resource hosted by Missouri Connections for Health, a Missouri nonprofit organization. We’re so glad you’re here!

About the Group

This is an informal group of people who want to increase health equity for LGBTQ+ Missourians, particularly older Missourians. Most of our members work in organizations that focus on health and aging, and we seek to have members representing every “letter” in the LGBTQQIP2SAA acronym. We have no political agenda, make no endorsements, and have no profit motives.

Our Purpose

Barriers to healthy aging can be different for particular groups for a variety of reasons, and the LGBTQ+ population is no different. We believe that open communication and sharing of knowledge and experience is important. We believe that we are stronger and more effective together; by working with people across the state we can discover opportunities for collaboration, avoid duplication of efforts, and work together toward better outcomes.  We meet every other month to share resources, news, and updates about equity in healthy aging for LGBTQ+ Missourians.

About this Resource

The group created this resource as a library of information that would help individuals and organizations do a better job at reaching and serving the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in regard to healthy aging and equity. We currently have two directories, which you can find below.

The first directory you will see is a directory of organizations that serve LGBTQ+ Missourians. The purpose of this directory is two-fold: to create a resource for Missourians seeking help, and to create a resource for organizations who want to work together to find each other.

The second directory is a directory of events that focus on LGBTQ+ Missourians. This directory is NOT for general advertisement. It is only for events where outreach can happen– for example, events where booth space is available for outreach, or events that provide sponsorship opportunities to not-for-profits and health organizations. This directory includes upcoming events, but it also includes past events that may be recurring. The purpose of including past events is to allow organizations to be aware of the time of year recurring events may be scheduled, to allow for planning.

Directory Notes and Rules

  • Listings are published as a service to Missourians who care about healthy aging and equity and organizations that seek to reach this underserved community.
  • Listings are not for advertisement purposes. No for-profit listings or ads are allowed.
  • Listings may be created from public-facing digital sources or may be submitted by organizations.
  • If your organization’s information is missing or inaccurate, please use the button to submit an Add/Change form (Please allow 7-10 business days for updates)

Directory of Organizations Serving LGBTQ+ Missourians

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Directory of Events for LGBTQ+ Outreach

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