Your donation helps your neighbors!

Did you know that Missouri Connections for health is funded entirely through grants and donations? To stay impartial, we don’t sell ANYTHING, so we rely on grant opportunities and the generosity of donors like you!

Donations to Missouri Connections for Health will go toward many needs, including:

  • outreach events to help us reach hard-to-reach Missourians
  • providing housing assessments in 37 underserved counties
  • helping 1.2 million Missourians with Medicare get trusted answers
  • helping people get, keep, and use benefits like SNAP and LIHEAP in 19 counties
  • helping people without insurance, or who are losing insurance, find coverage.

Donation examples

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated, but here are some examples of what your donation could cover:

$25 can provide…

  • A training or webinar to keep staff up-to-date on the latest changes and new resources
  • A consultation about a letter someone received regarding their benefits or insurance
  • A referral to organizations who can help with other needs

$50 can provide…

  • A housing assessment to help a person or family in crisis access resources
  • An insurance counseling session to help someone get coverage or understand their options
  • A benefits enrollment session to help someone access financial help

$100 can provide…

  • An outreach booth at a community event to reach hard-to-reach Missourians
  • A series of meetings to help a client solve a complex problem with their insurance or benefits
  • Printed flyers and materials to help our Community Partners reach more people

$500 can provide…

  • A sponsorship at a larger regional event to reach more Missourians
  • An “enrollment event,” where several staff and volunteers provide walk-in or scheduled help
  • Funding toward MCH’s long-term goals, or expansion of services

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    All donation information is kept secure. Payments are securely processed through Bloomerang, a donor management and fundraising system for nonprofit organizations.

    Donations to Missouri Connections for Health are tax deductible. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!